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We were really pleased to welcome the Berlin chapter of the Urban Land Institute to Atelier Gardens for their first event of 2024.


Our impact and media-led campus was the focus for Urban Start Berlin – a series exploring new paths for sustainable urban development.


And there was a lot for us to share – since the inception of Fabrix seven years ago we have focused on the vision, programming and operation of innovation-led campuses. Atelier Gardens is a great case-study of this.


We’ve transformed the campus while knocking nothing down, listened and built relationships and trust, and created resilience through a diversification of the income stream and authentic community-building, embedded in impact and storytelling.


And all while the campus has remained operational throughout.


The view over the Berlin skyline, from the new rooftop pavilion at HAUS1, was the perfect backdrop for some great conversations after the tour and presentations, with guests from EDGE, PATRIZIA Deutschland, Berliner Volksbank eG, Hines, Concular, HB Reavis, Linklaters, Art-Invest Real Estate, PIMCO Prime Real Estate and CBRE.


It was fantastic to have such an interested and captive real estate audience to talk through the depth of the project, the financial model and impact measurement.

As ever, it was the Atelier Gardens community who best brought to life what makes the campus so special. Big thanks to Roots Radicals, KAOSPILOT+ Berlin, Mogli and Thinkfarm Berlin for giving up their time.

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