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Safe Lives is a UK-wide charity dedicated to ending domestic abuse, for everyone and for good. They want what we would want for our best friend and they challenge perpetrators to change, asking ‘why doesn’t he stop?’ rather than ‘why doesn’t she leave?’ This applies whatever the gender of the victim or perpetrator and whatever the nature of their relationship.


Under the Covid-19 lockdown, domestic abuse cases soared. 9 out of 10 services responding to Safe Lives’ survey said demand for their service had increased. Safe Lives lobbied for increase funding due to the steep rise in cases arising throughout last year. Their response to the pandemic centred around families and the support networks they rely on due to lots of reports from victims and survivors that theyre more isolated than ever.


Our donation to Safe Lives helped to facilitate the fantastic work they have done and continue to do both before and as a result of the pandemic- providing essential support, advice and early intervention.


“On behalf of everyone at SafeLives, thank you all again so much for choosing to support us in our work to end domestic abuse for everyone and for good. We truly appreciate having your support”

Rosie May, Trust and Grants Officer at Safe Lives

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