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Known fondly as ‘The Pearl of Africa’, Uganda is home to over 42 million people. It is thought that around 500,00 of that figure make up the Ugandan LGBTQ+ community, yet living in one of the world’s most oppressive countries for the LGBTQ+ community, they face threat of exile from their families, harassment and violence on a daily basis.


In 2019, Fabrix’s Art & Photography Coordinator Chesca Warley documented a small community of LGBTQ+ individuals in Kampala, Uganda. She wanted to learn about the existence of gay, queer, trans and non-binary individuals in a country that is still striving to criminalise identity and sexuality.


Fabrix are proud to showcase these photos at The Binary, and to be raising awareness around this important story.

“To promote healthy and empowered LGBTQ Youths in Uganda and ensure their full participation in human development”

Queer Youth Uganda Mission

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