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The Bottle Factory


Fabrix welcomed Director, Writer, and Poet, Evie Golding to the Bottle Factory to film a stunning performance that amplifies Mental Health awareness.


‘Moving Clouds’ was produced for all to feel connected, to feel beauty, to let go, and to appreciate emotion & expression.

Let’s keep talking about mental health. Let’s keep sharing our stories, making art, and building healthy intimacy through our vulnerabilities. Life and our minds can get overwhelming and distressing at times, everyone’s felt it on different levels, we are all complex, let’s remember this, and that conversation and human connection are healing.


Fabrix is proud to be partnering with such inspiring individuals, special thanks to Evie Golding, Tash Duursma,

The Nasty Poet, Georgie Mcguigan, George Tsamis, Chesca Warley, Oliver Henry, Shabnam Nimi, Isabelle PayneDigital Orchard

“There’s nothing wild in needing someone to nurture an inner child that was left at sidelines.”

Sophie Leseberg Smith, aka The Nasty Poet

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