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The Bottle Factory


The ‘Permanent Temporary’, a 3-day celebration for the

London Design Festival, featuring over 100+ artists, designers, models, curators, performers, and producers from around the Old Kent Road, giving visitors a taste of the diversity, culture, business, design, and artistry the local area has to offer.


Fabrix teamed up with Pempeople, who created the Livesey Exchange – People Empowering People, a non-profit organisation that works primarily with local residents and community organisations from Southwark’s grassroots community. It forms a bridge with the council, institutions, and charities; giving local residents the opportunity to showcase the wealth of talent that exists within the community, and creating opportunities for local people to initiate and develop solutions to local issues.


A very special thank you to SUM Weekly – who led the artist curation, and Jan Hendzel Studios – who were part of the

Southwark South Design District’s inception.

“As a community organisation, we would not have achieved all the good things we have achieved the last year 2021, without our local community and creatives.”

Nicholas Okwulu, Founder of
Pem People

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