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At Fabrix, we’re celebrating International Women’s Day by highlighting two pioneering business owners – both part of our community of impact occupiers at Atelier Gardens in Berlin – who met on campus and whose brainstorming sessions have led to a supportive friendship.


Co-founder of KAOSPILOT+Berlin Edda Luisa Kruse Rosset and founder of Roots Radicals Monica Kisic Aguirre run different kinds of forward-thinking initiatives, and it’s in those differences that they’ve been learning from and inspiring each other in how they run their businesses; and how they can decompress from them as well!


Roots Radicals is a zero-waste food company that operates the kanteena that nourishes our Atelier Gardens community with sustainable meals and aims to reconnect people with food. KAOSPILOT + BERLIN  is an educational learning space for sustainable entrepreneurship and activism for systemic global change.


Community is at the core of both endeavours and it’s really what makes the Atelier Gardens campus what it is — learning from each other, supporting each other and flourishing together!

“As a young female leader and entrepreneur, to have another woman on campus […] really inspires me and gives me a lot of power,”

Edda Luisa Kruse Rosset

Co-founder, Kaospilot + Berlin

“We share the commonality of being women and we’re trying to bring some feminine qualities into business, some of that softness into how we see the future,”

Monica Kisic Aguirre

Founder, Roots Radicals

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