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We were really pleased to be invited to partner with Knight Frank on the latest event in their Future Industry Leaders series – the first to take place in-person – on the topic of the future of the office.


Fabrix Urban Impact Director Debbie Whitfield presented on our determination to do development differently, in ways that put us in a better position to deliver projects that work for both people and planet.


People may not want to work in a traditional workplace anymore but that by no means equates to the office being dead. It does mean ripping up the rule book and recognising that the time to reprioritise nature and community is now. We think these are the core ingredients for delivering buildings people are actually excited about working in, but they’re also the right thing to do.


Fabrix Investment Manager Matt Weaver joined Debbie for a lively Q&A panel following the presentation, alongside Knight Frank’s Jonny Lee, Partner – London Office Leasing and Victoria Ormond, Head of Capital Markets Research, with latest intelligence on the office market, from green premiums to brown discounts, and how occupiers are demanding more than the office status quo.



The moves aren’t complicated. But collectively, they make the difference between a building that people want to work from and one that they don’t. And crucially with the added benefits of making considerable savings in terms of embodied carbon and giving back to their local neighbourhood.

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