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How do you get community consultation right?


With as little as 3% of local populations responding to consultations, there is an urgent need to engage and inspire the community, and get them involved in the the changing face of their neighbourhoods and cities.


Fabrix’s Louis Duffield spoke to Property Week about our approach to engagement and working hard to engage “the silent majority”.


Key takeaways were the importance of making space for community input into the design and outcome. The industry is “too often guilty of just ‘going through the motions’ and presenting a scheme that is already highly resolved.”


And that data is useful, but not everything. Contracting out consultation means you don’t really get “under the skin” of a local community to find out what they want and need. We’re guided by the principle of being out and about, having those conversations and building relationships direct.


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“Communities need to know that a local plan is in place to represent them, and see how projects fit into these plans to make their neighbourhood a better place.”

Louis Duffield

Partner, Fabrix

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