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It’s not every day Time Magazine recognises you as an ‘industry leader in reuse and retrofit’.


Thank you to Ciara Nugent for including Fabrix in a timely article on the growing awareness that we can’t continue to ignore embodied carbon in buildings – part of Time’s ‘Ecopreneur’ series on the business innovators working to prevent the climate crisis from becoming a catastrophe.


With embodied carbon from the construction industry reportedly accounting for a staggering 11% of global carbon emissions, the time to act is now and that means policy and practice shifting their focus to whole life carbon and making retrofit the norm.


Fabrix’s Clive Nichol shares the evolution of our own reuse-first ethos that has defined the business since day one, and how this has played out across two projects at different ends of the spectrum in terms of scale in LB Southwark – The Binary and Roots in The Sky.


To be recognised as one of Time’s Ecopreneurs is an amazing privilege, spurring us to keep on trailblazing the path for the real estate industry.

“The biggest obstacle to keeping buildings standing may just be a lack of imagination on the part of developers. It takes a lot more thought to retrofit”

Clive Nichol

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