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Our instinct at Fabrix has always been to embed circular economy principles across our projects, recognising not just the important carbon savings but the wider environmental, financial, design and social value that circularity offers, too.


We’re delighted then that two of our projects – Roots in The Sky and 55 Great Suffolk Street – have been featured in the UK Green Building Council’s excellent new report ‘How Circular Economy Principles Can Impact Carbon and Value’.


The must-read guide on the business case and tools for implementing a more circular approach to the built environment draws on a library of 18 exemplar projects to evidence the positive impact circularity is already delivering across the UK.


The inclusion of Roots in The Sky and 55 Great Suffolk Street is a testament to the ambition of our incredible and collaborative consultant teams and industry partners and their ability to innovate and push boundaries.


“Through the smart application of circular practices, significant carbon savings can be made across the entire lifecycle of a building, as well as delivering cost-benefits and providing opportunities to enhance social value.” Julie Hirigoyen, CEO, UKGBC

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