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It was great to be at the launch of this important new report by NLA on the circular economy – Circular London: Building a Renewable City. And to have contributed to the study by sharing our own approach to circularity at Fabrix.


The fundamental principles outlined in the report are crystal clear: mine buildings not resources; deconstruct, don’t demolish.


As researcher and report author Ruth Slavid highlights, there are notable case-studies out there demonstrating the art of the possible, which the report helpfully highlights – including our very own Roots In The Sky, 55 Great Suffolk Street, and Atelier Gardens.


Download the full version of the report here 👉 Circular London Report

“As an industry, our carbon emissions are a terrifying three times that of the aviation sector. We have an obligation to reduce our consumption and fast.”

Clive Nichol

CEO, Fabrix

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