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It was so valuable to be involved at the UKREiiF conference in Leeds bringing together industry leaders and experts to address critical topics in the real estate sector. The conference featured our very own, Debbie Whitfield, Director of Impact, and Matthew Weaver, Vice President of Finance, who shared their insights on pressing issues.


One of the conference highlights was the panel discussion titled ‘To ESG or not to ESG?’ This session, moderated by Liz Hamson from BE News, explored the impact of global crises and cultural shifts on ESG, the potential for social value to deliver both social and financial returns, and the role of ESG standards in driving sustainable growth for businesses. It highlighted the increasing importance of environmental, social, and governance considerations in the real estate industry.


Another significant discussion revolved around retrofitting and its fundamental role in achieving net-zero sustainability. Chaired by David Roberts from Design For Homes and Quality of Life Foundation, this panel, which included Matthew Weaver, emphasised the importance of reusing and retrofitting existing buildings as a key strategy in addressing climate change and achieving net-zero emissions goals. It underscored the urgency of sustainability in the real estate sector in the face of the climate crisis.


In summary, the UKREiiF conference provided a platform for industry leaders to tackle crucial issues like ESG and retrofitting, recognising their pivotal roles in shaping the future of real estate. The event served as a reminder of the industry’s commitment to sustainability and its determination to address the challenges posed by climate change and evolving societal expectations.

“Our approach to ESG goes beyond compliance and token gestures. It’s a proactive, holistic, stakeholder-centric, and authentically-driven strategy that positions us as a pioneer in sustainable and responsible real estate.”

Debbie Whitfield

Director, Fabrix

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