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On The Cut


Fabrix welcome ELIZA to film her newest single ‘Straight Talker’, a laid-back, hypnotic track featuring her silky-smooth vocals laid over a stripped production – drawing you in as it delves into the darkness.


Effortlessly cool and unafraid to push the creative envelope, the film is a powerful and captivating one-shot dance piece performed by ELIZA on her own, at night in beautifully lit locations. The intention was to create a dream’-like, graceful and at times, intensive environment to showcase the choreography, while presenting a sense of drama and light dispersion.


‘Straight Talker’ is the first taster of a fruitful period for ELIZA. With lockdowns putting normal life on hold, her focus switched to writing and recording a wealth of new music set to be released throughout the year.




“Now’s the time to be straight up, and only move through life with love.”


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