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DAZED Magazine journalist James Greig paid a visit to Atelier Gardens recently – our six-acre creative campus for change-makers in Berlin on the site of one of Europe’s oldest film studios. His ‘life-changing’ trip left him with not just hope for the role cities could (and should) play in tackling the climate crisis but surprisingly, also, a newfound love for the pigeon.


The project is a test-bed for all the principles that guide us at Fabrix – most of all our commitment to reprioritising nature in urban environments. An evolving and cross-fertilising community is emerging that draws on Berlin’s strong activist base and the site’s ‘story-telling’ foundations. Organisations include Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg’s Fridays for Future, the Danish ‘alternative business school’ Kaospilot and agricultural tech innovators Tiny Farms, alongside world class film studios.


And also artists…and wildlife, including pigeons. Syrian artist Ayham Jajid Agha’s Pigeon Theatre – an old sailing boat, now a home for pigeons – playfully invites us to reconsider how our cities could better enable humans and animals to live alongside each other.


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“Even in the midst of the climate crisis, a better future – and better cities – are still possible.”

James Greig, DAZED

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