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Berlin Film Campus


In a revised edition of the annual Berlin International Film Festival, BUFA is proud to be one of the 16 venues playing host to the Summer Special Outdoor Series of film screenings and events. After a long period of lockdown with social gatherings cancelled and cinemas all but closed, the Summer Special is geared towards re-igniting the desire to go to the cinema, and to contributing to the revival of cultural activities with an audience.


For 12 nights, BUFA is hosting an open-air cinema as a partner of the Berlinale Summer Special 2021. The programme lists an incredible and diverse array of movies and documentary films from the official selection of the 71st Berlin International Film Festival, all screened in the newly created outdoor event space. BUFA is overjoyed to be able to play a part in the rejuvenation of cinema and all the magic it brings.


The Berlinale is a unique place of artistic exploration and entertainment. It is one of the largest public film festivals in the world, attracting tens of thousands of visitors from around the globe each year.



At the Berlinale Summer Special, the audiences get a very special, collective festival experience – something we’ve all been missing for such a long time, and the festival’s unique reputation as a place of artistic exploration and entertainment is celebrated once again

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