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The international design, architecture and culture magazine DAMN paid Atelier Gardens a visit recently and perfectly captured the principles underpinning our approach to the metamorphosis of the six-acre historic home of German cinema.


Working with the Berliner Union Film Ateliers (BUFA), architects MVRDV and landscape architects Harris Bugg Studio, we are creating a “a unique campus for activists, campaigners and good causes of all kinds” which embodies “the sort of sustainable practises its tenants promote”.


Drawing on Berlin’s strong activist base, an evolving and cross-fertilising community of campaigning and progressive organisations is emerging, that continues to draw on the site’s ‘story-telling’ foundations.


Tenants include Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg’s Fridays for Future, the Danish ‘alternative business school’ Kaospilot, and  agricultural tech innovators Tiny Farms, alongside world-class film studios.




“The most important thing is to create a campus of open-minded people.”

Clive Nichol, Fabrix

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